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CNC Machining Metals by Atlantic Precision Engineering

With the acquisition of a state of the art 5 axis machine, the expansion of our factory and continuous improvement through engineering expertise, we have a commitment to quality, value for money for our customers and an aspiration to be a world class manufacturer.

We already lower customer costs by applying our experience to work with them to project manage and deliver high quality CNC machined solutions.

We also save your time by working from models, inspection from models and creating models from drawings. This further is supported by use of the latest CAD/CAM, IT support and cost analysis technology.

Airbus Inspection Cover
Our knowledge of materials, fixturing and processes coupled with our programming capability and machining capability means that we can help you with your problems, turn round quotes quickly and meet your delivery requirements.

Our highly skilled team enjoy a challenge and thrive on challenging work and with a dedication to continuous engineering improvements can produce the most complicated parts and shapes with extremely high accuracy and quality, if necessary working with your engineers to solve problems and produce high quality first articles.
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